Hi! My name is Chris. I make mixtapes, GIFs and experiment with Processing.

@dejong: Leave Home Mixtape

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01. Lake Forest - Silver Stars
02. Dr. Dog - These Days
03. Hospitality - The Birthday
04. Beach Fossils - Shallow
05. Chairlift - I Belong In Your Arms
06. Jeans Boots - Money
07. Kathleen Edwards - Empty Threat
08. Lemaitre - Coffee Table
09. Tennis - My Better Self
10. Princeton - Remembrance of Things To Come
11. Here We Go Magic - Make Up Your Mind
12. La Sera - Please Be My Third Eye
13. Lower Dens - Brains
14. Trust - Sulk
15. Shlomo - Wen Uuu

I am off to #SBA this morning, so I thought I’d better stop procrastinating and put together this mixtape - which has been sitting on my desktop, incomplete, for ages. There are two things also I want to get across before I start scrambling to pack. First off, the art for this mix comes from a talented illustrator who goes by the name SockMonkee. His/her work is phenomenal, so check it out. Secondly, local superstar Ms. Jeans Boots is going to blow up; there is just no two ways about it. If you haven’t listened to her stuff yet, don’t sleep on it. Happy trails!

Enjoy the mix, feel free to share it with your friends, and if you really dig an artist make sure to get out there and support them.

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